Igility Group of Companies

Igility Group of Companies

Bringing People and Ideas Together

Igility is a Bermuda-based holding company that was formed in 2003 to provide the funding and direction for BCS Agencies Ltd. (IBM’s Bermuda Agency), SBI Ltd. (a systems integration company) and Transact Ltd. (an internet service provider). Its holdings have also included an online classified ads and directory business, a fiber cabling and networking company, and commercial real estate.

Igility is a group of autonomous, technology-related businesses that find synergies and cost savings working together.

Our commitment to our clients ensures that each of our business units delivers solutions reliably and cost effectively.

We have the breadth of experience, resources and technical skills to find creative solutions to complex problems.

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Location: Innovation House, 46 Reid Street
Hamilton Bermuda

Address: P.O. Box 1196
Hamilton, HM EX, Bermuda

Phone: 441.298.1250

executive team

Aaron Smith
President & CEO
Email: asmith@igility.bm
Dinesh Senanayake
Email: dsenanayake@igility.bm